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Chimney Sweeping NapervilleHere at Wright Way, we have been providing chimney sweeping services in Naperville for over 15 years. No matter how often you use your chimney, getting your chimney inspected annually is extremely important to make sure your chimney is clean and clear of potential hazards. Each individual fireplace manufacturer should have recommendations in place for your chimney to help maintain its longevity and in many instances, the manufacturers won’t honor warranties if you do not maintain your chimney to their recommendations.

For more information on chimney sweeping in Naperville or if you have any questions about our other services, call the chimney sweeping experts at Wright Way today at (847) 975-3836. You can also fill out the contact form located on this page and one of our friendly associates will return your inquiry shortly.

Why Chimney Sweeping Naperville

Like anything you invest in, you want it to last as long as possible and the same applies to your chimney. There are numerous issues that can occur if you neglect to have your chimney swept regularly. Soot buildup can be a potential hazard and prevent your chimney from functioning at a high level of efficiency. There is also a chemical that builds up in your chimney called creosote that can be a potentially flammable substance, leading to chimney fires that can cause damage to your home as well.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have regulations in place when it comes to maintaining your masonry fireplace, factory built fireplace, and wood stove or gas fireplace. Masonry and factory built fireplaces should be swept when the soot buildup reaches 1/8”. Wood stoves and gas fireplaces are recommended to be swept annually.

Wright Way Chimney Sweeping Naperville

At Wright Way, our chimney sweeping tools are some of the best in the industry. We also offer two types of inspections to ensure your chimney has been thoroughly checked for potential hazards and for regular maintenance sweepings.

If you have any questions on our chimney sweeping services in Naperville or would like more information on how chimney sweepings can benefit your chimney’s longevity, call us today at (847) 975-3836. Or fill out the contact form on this page and we will reply shortly.

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